Door Station hand pick a wide range of doors in various styles and designs which enables us to offer our customers a vast range to choose from.

Step 1 – Make your budget work for you

  • The first step is to work out how much you want to spend. Budgets can vary and therefore working out your maximum spend allows you to focus your search better. Remember to take into account any installation work you might need.

Step 2 – The choice of doors that complement your home

  • Your home will already have its own existing style, quirks and décor. These should be used as a guide when considering what type of door styles will complement your home.

  • Door Station's collection of Oak Doors, Pine Doors and White Primed Doors have all been sourced from sustainably managed forests and are Chain of Custody certified.

  • Our collection is one of the most comprehensive in the UK. Whether you are looking for ultra-modern designs that feature elegant lines and curves or a traditional door with raised mouldings and raised fielded panels, Door Station have the products for you. Most of our doors have a glazed version as an option which is great if you're looking to bring light into a room.

Step 3 – Take the appropriate measurements of your existing door opening.

When measuring the frame, the width, height and depth are important. Also, is your frame square and true?

Follow these three steps to see if your frame is square:

  1. Measure the frame diagonally from edge to edge on both sides, this will tell you if the frame is square

  2. Then measure the width of the door opening across the top, middle and bottom - use the largest of the three measurements when selecting your door size

  3. Again, measure the height in 3 places starting from the hinge side and use the largest measurement


Select a door that is either the right size or only slightly too big – remember; you can trim up to 6mm off each of the 4 edges.

For the replacement of an external door, it is important to assess the door, frame and threshold for signs of wear and damage, as it could mean you require a new door set; a door set is a complete, ready hung kit, which includes a fully treated oak door, oak frame and mulit-point locking system.