Hardwood - Red Hardwood
Pine - Radiata/Elliotti
Oak - American Oak (for doors) & Malaysian Oak (for frames)

In the interest of environmental concerns and improved performance, products may contain engineered timber components including laminated Timber, MDF or Particleboard.
This ensures your doors will not 'twist' or 'bow'.

The Dowelled Hardwood doors we supply are manufactured from kiln dried timber and are jointed using fluted dowels and modern adhesives.

The Mortice & Tenon doors supplied are manufactured from select kiln dried hardwood, and are constructed using traditional Mortice & Tenon joints and modern adhesives.

The panels are set in waterproof mastic ensuring that the highest level of weatherproofing is achieved.

When trimming an internal or an external door, it may be reduced by a maximum of 6mm on all 4 edges:
The reductions should be split equally from each edge, i.e. to reduce the door width by 12mm, remove 6mm from each side of the door.

• Internal Oak Doors - Stiles and rails: 0.6mm approx, Panels: 0.6mm approx

• External Oak Doors - Stiles and rails: 1.2mm approx, Panels: 0.6mm approx

• Internal Hardwood Doors - Stiles and rails: 0.6mm approx, Panels: 0.6mm approx

• External Hardwood Doors - Stiles and rails: 1.2mm approx, Panels: Solid Laminated Hardwood

• Internal Clear Pine Doors - Stiles and rails: 1.0mm approx, Panels: Solid Laminated Pine

• External Clear Pine Doors - Stiles and rails: 1.0mm approx, Panels: 9mm Plywood on 2XG & Malton, Panels: Solid Laminated Pine for Stable

Internal Paint: One Coat of Primer/Undercoat and a minimum of 3 coats of Topcoat
• Internal Stain: A Good quality internal stain/lacquer finish – a minimum of 3 coats
• External Paint: One coat of Primer/Undercoat and a minimum of 3 coats of a good quality paint
• External Stain: High performance stain – minimum of 3 coats

Certified U-Values are available for the majority of Door Station's Door sets These U-Values have been determined by Chiltern Dynamics, an independent UKAS accredited testing laboratory. External doors sold separately are available with indicative U-Values only. These indicative U-Values are based upon information from BRE 443 2006 Edition: Conventions for U-Value Calculations, produced by the Building Research Establishment Limited.

When the doors are manufactured they have controlled moisture content, the above mentioned treatments will not seal the moisture content into the door and will therefore allow moisture ingress or loss to occur causing the door to either swell or shrink. Only a fully paint finish (primer, undercoat & gloss) or high performance wood stain/lacquer should be used.

Our doors are of a cassette construction therefore they are built around the glass. Because of this there are no loose beads. We do not have replacement glass.

It is possible for the vertical glazing bars to be tapped back into line, they are dry set into the door and could move in transit.

Flat Glass: 4mm approx
• Bevelled Glass: 6mm approx
• Double Glazed: 14mm approx
• Tripled Glazed: 18mm approx

Door Station do not give out glass sizes for the reason that the measurements could be taken down or given incorrectly.

All of our Fire Doors have a 30 minute rating and come with a certificate.

The length of the lining and door stop is 2134mm long x 20mm thick, 3 lengths of each.
• The stop is 'loose' so can be used for either a 35mm or 44mm door.
• The lining is designed to be used for up to 60" pairs.

Oak Door & Door Pair Lining Sets – 20mm
• Walnut Door Lining Sets – 20mm
• Softwood Door Lining Sets – 27mm

Providing the doors are in stock (Over 95% of our products are) and you order before 12pm, delivery will take 3-5 working days unless otherwise stated – we will call you to arrange a convenient time.

Pre-finished doors have been factory finished with clear AC lacquer meaning you don't need to do anything to them unless trimming is required – you will need to use a clear varnish on these edges after fitting for the guarantee
• Unfinished means the doors will come raw so treatment is required. Please refer to Q6. For information on how to finish

Providing they are in good working order, there is no reason you can't use your existing handles, hinges and latch. Just make sure the hinges haven't been painted over and they are of a decent quality – it is more than likely that your new door will be heavier than you doors being replaced so hinges with steel washers are a good idea.

What is Paint ‘N’ Peel® Paint ‘N’ Peel® is a system designed to make sealing, staining or painting your door a quick and easy procedure.
• Step One: Paint or stain the door as directed by the finishing instructions. The film over the glass protects against streaks, runs or splashed.
• Step Two: When the finish is complete, simply, by using a craft knife, cut around the glass aperture ensuring the masking film is cut in the corners.
• Step Three: Peel off the film from the glass surface—leaving a smooth edge to the finish, and pristine glass.

All our hardwood and pine doors have a 10 year Manufacturers Defect Guarantee, so if you are offered an alternative door, check to see if the retailer can match this offer.

All the glass in our doors (with the exception of our traditional leaded light designs) is rated to BS6206, the standard for toughened glass in the UK.

No, rebating doors into a pair would require more than the 6mm allowance you get on each edge of our internal oak doors. We recommend you use a pair maker – you will find them here, in 'Other Joinery Products' (Link)

Our pair makers are 10mm thick. Please consider this when measuring up for internal door pairs.

All time scales are accurate providing your order is in stock. If, in the unlikely event, it is out of stock, you will be contacted and informed immediately.

Oak and pine are two different kinds of wood, not just in species, but also in density and grain patterns. Pine has a straight grain pattern with swirls of brown against an amber background. Oak is more consistent with fewer defects but colours and grains can vary from door to door.