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Design, Customisation & Delivery

Made to Measure

Rockdoors are ‘Made to Order’ rather than ‘Cut to Size’ 

Each step in the manufacturing process makes every Rockdoor have the style, security and strength we demand.

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Designed to be Secure

Diamond Secure 3 Star Cylinders are used on all our exterior doors.

With a TS007 3 star rating (the highest rating available), there really is no way a burglar would be able to force, snap or drill the lock cylinder.

Kerb Appeal

Whether it’s a front door or back door, a Rockdoor creates the perfect look for your home. You can  choose the door colour, glass design and door furniture that actually suits the look and feel of your property. A Rockdoor is never ever ‘off the shelf’ with each door being made to the exact specification of your door requirements, every time.

A++ Thermal Performance

When we choose new white goods one of the first things we look at is the colourful energy rating certificate on the front to ensure we’re making the right choice! So why wouldn’t you consider energy efficiency when choosing a new external door, after all, it is likely that your door is where most of the heat escapes, so, whether it’s your front or back door that you’re looking to replace you should consider choosing an energy-efficient external door.

High Security

A reinforced inner frame that is 60% stronger than a standard composite door meaning a Rockdoor cannot be rammed and forced open. Steel Mesh (optional) for those that live in a slightly more isolated area than most, security mesh can be added to your Rockdoor for an additional layer of security, making our already strong door 4 times stronger.

Popular Styles




Light Oak

Illinois Empire


Classic French






Performance Features

Steel Security Mesh
If you are looking for total security, then upgrade to Steel Security Mesh reinforcing which is unique to Rockdoor. The Steel Mesh reinforcing is enclosed in-between the door surfaces to ensure your door will never be cut- through by a burglar, which is becoming an increasingly common form of entry for doors. Choose Steel Mesh reinforcing and you will never need to worry about this. Whilst the door will look no different, you’ll have the peace of mind knowing you’re protected.

Strong Internal Structure
The inner frame of a Rockdoor is fully reinforced with an Aluminium box section that makes the door super strong. Not only does it ensure the door is fully protected from temperature fluctuations, it allows us to fix all our locking mechanisms and hinges into Aluminium to strengthen the door's performance overall and make forced entry almost impossible for a burglar.

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Beating "The Bow"

Doors move, expand and contract. 

They always have and always will, no matter who makes them - the difference is limiting the impact overall to maintain optimal performance.

From August 2019, Rockdoors are now guaranteed not to bow.

Zero Bowed Sashes

Improved Overall Strength

Aluminium Boxed Section Reinforcement

Colour Options

Rockdoors are available in 13 colours so you can choose what’s right for you.

Each colour features a delicate wood effect grain to make it look like a timber door.

As Rockdoors are ‘made to order’, not ‘cut to size’, all colours are available inside and out.


Black (RAL 8022)

Anthracite Grey

Anthracite (RAL 7016)

Slate Grey

Slate Grey (RAL 7015)




Cream (RAL 9001)

Irish Oak

Light Oak

Light Oak

Irish Oak





Emerald Green

Emerald Green (RAL 6009)

Chartwell Green

Chartwell Green

Ruby Red

Ruby Red (RAL 3011)

Sapphire Blue

Sapphire Blue (RAL 5011)

How to Order your Rockdoor®

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We are here to help from start to finish!

Step 1

Submit your enquiry, measure up and let's discuss your options.

Step 2

Receive your mockups for your approval and confirmation.

Step 3

Your doors are manufactured to your customised specifications.

Step 4

Your new doors are delivered!
(est. 3/4 weeks lead time)

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