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What to think about before buying a door

There are a number of points you should consider before you purchase a new internal door, either for yourself, or if you are fitting it for a customer.

Choose a design that suits the house style:

On this website there are many designs of internal doors; ranging from the traditional designs to the more modern styles. Our internal glazed doors are avaialble with various glass designs so we're sure you will find the right doors for your property. 


Ensure that you have made a note of the appropriate measurements:

The height, width and depth of the frame are important, but decide by measuring, whether the frame is square and true. This will allow you to estimate how complex the fitting task will be. Buy a door that is either the right size or slightly too big.

Check both the frame and threshold for signs of wear or damage and ensure the frame is secure to the wall.


Decide your budget:

We know, from the wide number of wooden doors we offer that you will find a door to suit your budget.


Before buying, consider...

Is it guaranteed?

All our hardwood and pine doors have a 10 year Manufacturers Defect Guarantee, so if you are offered an alternative door, check to see if the retailer can match this offer.


Are it constructed using the best methods available? 
Here are some points you should look out for:

External doors should either be jointed using traditional mortice and tenon joints or dowel joints coupled with modern adhesives. All our doors are. To ensure strength and stability make sure that the mid rails of the door are at least 150mm wide.

Make sure you know exactly what tolerances the door will give you if you have to trim – you must be able to take 12mm from each side of the door without affecting its structural integrity.

Make sure that the panels are fully weatherproofed.

Ensure when buying pine doors that you ensure that the joints are jointed and glued using modern adhesives and that the doors are suitable for either stain or paint, you will find that all the pine doors in this catalogue are constructed to the highest standard.


Can you ensure a consistent look throughout your house?

We offer a complete family of doors that are matched in design. Please refer to our products range menu and select the door you are interested in and you will be given a list of ‘related products’ which will enable you to create your family of doors.


Is the glass in the door toughened for safety? All the glass in our doors (with the exception of our traditional leaded light designs) is rated to BS6206, the standard for toughened glass in the UK.


Safety Glass (Excerpt from BSI website)

The Kite-mark scheme for safety glass is changing to reflect the recently published European standards EN 12600, EN 12150 and EN ISO 12543.

It is likely that BS EN 12600 will replace BS 6206 in the UK Building Regulations later this year. Therefore we have decided to use this as the primary standard for the Kite-mark scheme for safety glass.

Bringing these requirements into the Kite-mark scheme, we will ensure that you have the required technical evidence to support the necessary compliance with the Construction Products Directive in addition to compliance with UK Building Regulations.

The main difference in testing is in the size of the sample and the impactor used. BS 6206 requires the impact test to be performed on a 1930mm x 865mm sample using an impactor bag. BS EN 12600 requires a sample size of 1938mm x 876mm and the use of a ‘twin tyre’ impactor.